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“Election not tipping point in U.S. malaise”

ADSAM® the leader in measuring emotional response, today releases its seventh SenseUs® poll, “Economic Malaise,” revealing that:

• U.S. suffering from emotional economic depression

• Of the economic indicators examined, feelings about employment potential in the next year reflect the most optimism and confidence

• Voters feel time not election is the solution to economic woes

• Although there is an increase in negative feelings about the “way things are going in the U.S.” since August 2008 (44% vs. 56%), the negative malaise diminishes when considering the prospect of things going well one year from now (40%), and even more two years from now (29%).

• In general, Democrats are more optimistic than Republicans and independents.

Download the complete report.

SenseUs® is the only omnibus survey that measures both rational AND EMOTIONAL reactions of Americans to current topics and issues, products, services and more. These polls are conducted by AdSAM Marketing, the leading worldwide provider of emotional response market research. SenseUs offers a new approach to evaluating politics and key issues with the assessment of both rational and emotional thought processes.

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