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At a time when most attention is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought it might be good to take a look at those and other political issues facing the country. We call them Unsettled Matters. In Part Two of the Political Sentiment Poll, conducted in early March 2020, voters’ emotional responses toward political Unsettled Matters were assessed. This Sentiment Poll measured the emotional response of 200 voters toward these Unsettled Matters. The responses were organized into AdSAM® Emotional Temperature™ scales and Perceptual Maps. The Emotional Temperature uses a thermometer to depict the results of the poll visually as an index from high Appeal and Engagement to low. In addition to the Temperature, the Perceptual Map shows the actual Appeal, Engagement and Empowerment averages. When viewing the Perceptual Maps, the dots in the upper right corner represent a high level of Appeal and Engagement. The dots in the bottom left corner represent a very low Appeal and engagement. Empowerment is indicated by the size of the dot.

This Sentiment Poll of voter responses uniquely measures the Emotional Response reactions to political Unsettled Matters relevant to the 2020 Presidential Election. Several preceding polls have been used to capture the emotional response of voters since September 2007. The purpose of the poll is to consider the actual feelings that lead to changes of heart among voters. The results of past survey results predicted many events of previous presidential primaries and elections. Emotional Response has been shown to be high predictive of behavior.

The poll has been created, administrated and distributed by Dr. Jon Morris, Advertising Professor at the University of Florida, with the aid of student assistants. The emotional response report, called The Political Sentiment Poll, uses a non-verbal visual measure of emotion that is based on the Dimensional Theory of Emotion. Every emotion is a combination of three dimensions: Appeal, Engagement, and Empowerment. AdSAM® uses proprietary graphic characters called the Attitude Self-Assessment Manikin to depict the dimensions and measure human emotional response.

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