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AdSAM® 2014 Brandscape - Bottom Ten Brands Report

As the second report in our "2014 Brandscape" emotional research study, this "Bottom Ten Brands" report outlines the lowest-scoring emotional response data we gathered while studying nearly 100 of the world's top brands. In the report, we've described how the study's data correlates to the 10 lowest-scoring brands' negative outlook in their particular markets. The data comes directly from our study participants' emotional responses, and has been converted to objective, quantifiable data via our unique analysis methods.

Please click here to view the AdSAM® "2014 Brandscape" Bottom Ten Brands Report and to learn the extent of customers' emotional detachment from the brands. (Right click on the link above and select "save link as" to download the file.)

Please send any questions, comments, or media inquiries to or visit our website:


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