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Negative Emotions About the Current U.S. Healthcare System Remain High Among Physicians and Public

ADSAM®, the leader in measuring emotional response, today releases its seventh SenseUs® Healthcare Poll, revealing that:

• The (voting) Public and Physicians’ feelings indicate that there is much opportunity to improve their perceptions of the current U.S. healthcare system, as the majority of the Public (51%) and Physicians (60%) have an unfavorable view of it. Feelings expressed by both groups, especially the Physicians, tend to reflect stress and aggravation.

• While neither Physicians nor the Public consistently favor the Obama healthcare law, Physicians dislike it more (58% vs. 43% unfavorable feelings). The Public tended to express a bit more ambivalence (+10 points) and lack of understanding of the law than Physicians, suggesting that the Public feels uncertain about the healthcare law.

• Despite the fact that there is not overwhelmingly consistent support for the Obama healthcare law, there is a slightly improved outlook for the future of U.S. healthcare under the Obama administration, as there are more favorable feelings expressed for the future by both the Public and Physicians since 2009 (see SenseUs Report for details).

Download the complete report.

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