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Facebook Ads Deliver "Likes" Despite Dislike By College Students

"A survey of college-age students conducted by advertising Professor Jon D. Morris with graduate students Qinwei Vivi Xie and Meng Zhang shows that while college-age users reported positive feelings about business pages on Facebook, they viewed sponsored posts and banner ads as intrusive.

Morris and Xie surveyed 320 graduate and undergraduate students who were active Facebook users. The questionnaire covered three types of business presence on the site: News Feed ads, which appear as posts on a user's Facebook home page along with friends' status updates; banner ads that appear on the right side of the page; and business profile pages.

The survey reveals that the business profile pages were the only type of ad to receive positive ratings. News feed ads -- which include posts from companies the user has actively liked -- garnered more attention than banner ads, but still elicited negative feelings, according to the survey responses."

Qinwei, Xie; Morris, Jon & Zhang, Meng. (2011). Find us on Facebook: Emotional and Cognitive Responses Towards Facebook Social Ads™ (Top Paper). Paper presented at the Association for Business Communication Division of the National Communication Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 2011.

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