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Top 5 Instagram Hacks to Facilitate Strong Brand Commitment

With 1 billion active users who post over 95 million photos and videos per day, Instagram dominates the digital space as a leading social media network. Instagram’s reliance on users’ photos and videos to fuel the platform makes it the perfect arena for brands to interact and build relationships with audience members. A consumer’s perception of a brand strongly relies on its social media presence and this helps increase brand commitment. Check out these five easy tips to help increase audience member’s commitment to your brand!

1. Have a Cohesive Aesthetic

The buzzword ‘aesthetic’ is dropped nearly every time digital branded content is ​​brought up, but what actually is an aesthetic and how does it relate to Instagram content? Well, in terms of Instagram, an aesthetic is a cohesive look or vibe that applies to every individual post. A cohesive aesthetic helps each post stand stronger individually and helps to emphasize your brand’s identity.

An appealing Instagram aesthetic is more than just beautiful photos and videos - it creates continuity and between all of your posts.

2. Engage With Your Followers

Instagram serves as a multimedia escape for its users, but Instagram is also the perfect environment to directly engage with your audience. Engagement expands far beyond just follows and likes - it includes story interactions, IGTV (Instagram TV) viewing habits reposting and more.

Strategically utilize hashtags and locations to give audience members who do not follow you the chance to engage with your content; locations and hashtags are independently searchable!

Reposting user-generated content that pertains to your brand and partnering with the right influences can also expand engagement opportunities. You should be engaging with your followers more often than posting content to your Instagram feed.

3. Post Content That Entertains Audience Members

​​There’s more to Instagram than just posting visually appealing photos and videos. While your followers can appreciate the beauty in this type of content, your brand will get lost in the masses. ​​The more that your audience members are entertained, the more emotionally connected they will be to your brand and your message.

​​Research your audience to better understand what content that entertains them, and put your unique twist on this type of content. The appealing nature of entertaining content directly increases audience members’ brand commitment.

4. Tailor Your Content to Your Audience

In addition to being engaged by entertaining content, your audience will be most receptive to content that is specifically tailored to them. Audience members enjoy engaging with content that is directly related to them.

The niche interest that you are satisfying is more likely to make audience members share your custom-tailored content with their followers. Tailoring your content directly to your audiences members shows them that your brand is committed to satisfying their wants and peaking their interests.

5. Provide Your Audience a Sense of Community

Audience members turn to social media networks to connect with brands ​​and other users who have similar thought processes - capitalize on this. Ensure that the values of your brand aligns with that of your audience members and communicate this using community hashtags. ​​

Actively respond to the comments on your Instagram posts and help facilitate conversation surrounding your brand between your followers. Having a consistent Instagram presence proves to audience members your brand is committed to supporting them in the same way that they support you.

A strong focus on appealing, engaging and empowering your specific target audience will lead to the highest levels of brand engagement and commitment. To learn more about this tri-fold emotional response model or to see how consumer emotion response can help illuminate insights about your brand, check out AdSAM!

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